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Lars Fraessle [Dev]
Zoe Taylor [Product Designer]
Vonnie Voong [Lead Dev]
Product Designer
Product Manager
UX Researcher
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The Challenge

Growth Hacking


The aim of the challenge is creating an app that that can assist in growth hacking by setting meaningful goals.

Originally a subfield of marking that uses the process of regularly conducting experiment in order to achieve a goal. As a team, we needed to come up with a justification for the development of our idea.


We must test and retest our hypotheses in order to gather information on what measurable are going to be best suited for developing our growth hacking tool.


In this hackathon, we were able to implement a growth hacking mindset to create any type of app.

We felt that we could we could use growth hacking as a tool to help users personal development by finding measures that could help motivate, support or even disrupt habits.


It was up to us to identify the appropriate audience depending on what type of area growth hacking we wanted to explore.


Visual measurable on a dashboard e.g. how many days of resisting the habit, how much money has been saved, how many units of habit like smoking or alcohol haven’t been used.


Using the experience of research participants to understand the habit and how the process of quitting was for them.

Using external secondary research to gather statistics and what health organisations deem the best methods.


Time, two days
Limited direct research participants
Small sample number & limited demographics


Our Idea-



A growth hacking app that aides in quitting smoking. Using methods that can motivate and support in overcoming the habit.


Research suggests that after 28 days, it gets easier to resist the cravings to smoke.

We hypothesise, that an app that visualises motivations using real world metrics such as the financial drain and health can help kick the habit in the longterm.


Through the dashboard we want quitters to be able to view the bigger picture of quitting smoking.

We want to build a support network for quitters, as well as building tools to help with ‘itchy fingers’. Tools that help to distract from the cravings and refocus.

Target group?

Our research sources* suggests that while not exclusive, our main audience base are aged 25-34.

Our secondary audience is anyone who wants to quit the smoking habit.

*ONS 2019 Study

A mind map gif of smoking research

In 2019, 14.1% of adults smoked in the UK. About 6.9 million people.

Of these numbers,
are Men &
12.5% are Women.

25-34 year-olds made up the highest proportion of smokers at 19%.

According to ONS, of the population of smokers in the UK, around 52.7% would like to quit.

Tom's thinking
about quitting:
image of 'tom' who wants to quit smoking
day 1 of quitting
motivation imagemotivation activated image
money illustrationmoney illustration
health illustration health illustration
family illustrationfamily illustration
day 2 of quittingday 3 of quitting
gaming distraction image
day 7 of quittingday 14 of quitting
Supportive environment image
Community Support
day 21 of quittingday 28 of quitting
Our aim:
the graveyard
of unsmoked cigarettes
a graveyard of cigarettes illustration



We wanted to understand what the task flow would be for a user of “Quitters”, how the journey might diverge depending on the user’s daily outcome or how their cravings might show us for them throughout the day.

We believe it’s in the user best interest to be careful around use of any language that might be perceived as scolding. Quitters aim is to support not to add to any negative self-talk if a user did smoke that day or is having strong cravings. We want to foster an environment of encouragement.

logo sketch
logo sketchlogo sketch
wireframe sketches


We designed with the mission of fostering a supportive and fun environment. We want to promote a positive mindset to motivate.

The prompts through the navigation need to be filled with non-judgemental language. If a user choose to smoke on a particular day, we don't want to add to any negative feedback. We want to promote the choice that they they can quit a habit but that it can be challenging.

refined wireframesthinking through stat layout images


Quitters product
Quitters user task flow



We want to set the tone for the beginning of the users growth hacking journey. We want them to move forward with the intention of quitting smoking.



We wanted the layout to be simple. It was important to us that the main growth hacking support features were displayed on the dashboard without scrolling.

We wanted a boost of motivation to be available to immediate upon opening the app.



We want all the user journey routes to lead back to the dashboard. We want user motivation to see and get continuing purpose and motivation from their own stats, gain inspiration and support from other users journeys.

While we've designed the navigation and features specifically with quitting smoking in mind, we believe that 'Quitters' functionality can be adapted for other habits.


Project Take Aways

Quitters has room to expand into other areas of habit hacking application. As a team we discussed how it could be used as a tool for reducing alcohol or sugar consumption.

We believe the community building of the app is something that could prove to be the most important aspect of the growth hacking tool.

La fin.